How to Landlord like a Superhero! 5 Easy Tips to be a Successful Landlord


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In my time, working for the big corporate, and running my own management company, I have come across all sorts of Landlords and in all honesty, many have been shocking. Not only did they treat their tenants appallingly, but their properties too. I wanted to shout, “this is your investment – look after it!” And…..

13 Easy to Implement Strategies to Avoid Void Periods


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For any Landlord, the words “void” and “period” if put together are a bit like swearwords. It’s the time when your rental property is unoccupied by tenants. Void periods are fine if essential maintenance is needed, but at all other times, they’re a money draining nightmare. I have always had a good record managing void…..

6 Super Affordable Ways to Add Instant Kerb Appeal to Your Rental Property


Picture of house with kerb appeal

I was once told that as a woman (sorry guys!) it is worth spending the money on quality makeup and putting the effort in applying it, because your face is always on show. The same applies to the exterior of your rental property. It needs kerb appeal! Not only because it’s always on show and…..