I use my kitchen for dancing! Getting the Landlord and Tenant Relationship Right!I use my kitchen for dancing! Getting the Landlord and Tenant Relationship Right!


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Photo showing two people dancing

My kitchen is made for dancing

I use my kitchen for dancing! Normally dancing whilst cooking, or at least dancing whilst watching my husband cook. He is such a good cook and far better than I, so I take pleasure in pouring the wine and keeping him entertained with my spurious dance moves.

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with a landlord and tenant relationship? There is a point to this, I promise. Just bear with me.

I did some research into what people use their kitchens for and it was interesting to say the least. Standard answer: Cooking! No surprises there then, followed by baking with the children, family get togethers, sipping coffee at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning reading the newspaper (me too!), and socializing with friends. Isn’t the kitchen where we always end up at a house party?

But not everyone sees the kitchen as the heart of the home. Cooking? Er, what’s that? More research and one individual thought of the kitchen as the route to another room, another, a place to store the beer and my favourite “the kitchen is the perfect hiding place from the wife” I take it she doesn’t cook too often then?!

One person’s idea of what a kitchen should be used for is different to the next. Again, you’re wondering how dancing in kitchens relates to a landlord and tenant relationship? I’ll tell you!

I use the words ‘remain objective’ frequently when I speak to my Landlords about their properties. I’ve had situations where Landlords have wanted good Tenants to leave because carpets have worn more than they would like them to have, don’t hoover enough and don’t keep the house as tidy as they would, so being subjective, rather than objective in these situations has affected their judgment and ultimately their landlord and tenant relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also sent plenty of letters to tenants warning them that the standard of cleanliness is below par, that they need to tidy up the garden, remove rubbish etc, but…..

As a landlord, you need to remember that it’s the tenants home. They will have a different way of living to you and their standards of cleanliness will differ to yours. You may get lucky and have someone who loves to clean and will keep the house spotless, or maybe you’ll have someone who hates the thought of cleaning and gets the duster out once a month begrudgingly.

My point is we’re all different! You shouldn’t penalise your tenant because they haven’t cleared the breakfast bowls away, or they don’t hoover daily as you would. Be objective and don’t let emotions and feelings get the better of you. Weigh it all up and don’t let your personal opinions cloud your judgment. It can really affect your overall landlord and tenant relationship, as well as the longevity of a tenancy.

You need to remain impartial as much as possible, which I know can be difficult when you have worked hard to buy your investment property, but you have to remember, this is business. You may love to cook in your kitchen, but your tenants may prefer to dance round theirs. As long as they’re not spilling the red wine on the carpet, let them live their lives in their home as they choose to.

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